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NZ Native Kereru Wood Pigeon soft toy with sound

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Kereru (NZ Wood Pigeon) Sound
The Kereru also known as the NZ Wood Piogeon is a large bird and an important seed disperser, being the only fruit-eater capable of swallowing large native tree seeds such as Karaka, Nikau, Puriri etc.
The head, throat and upper body are a striking green contrasting with a clean white stomach, crimson bill,eye and feet. Its "coo" call is soft but penetrating.
Kereru can measure up to 51cm from tail to beak, and weigh about 650g.
They lay usually one egg in a flimsy nest but may lay up to 3 times in a season by having a large chick in one nest and be incubating an egg in another nest nearby.
Come in store to Adore Collection and listen to the real sound of a Kereru (NZ Wood Pigeon) preserved within this soft toy.

 approx 15cm tall


(No reviews yet) Write a Review