NZ Native Pukeko soft toy bird with sound

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Pukeko Sound Bird
The Pukeko, also known as the swamp hen, inhabits wetlands, farmland, roadsides and urban parks where they seek out a wide range of foods, including various kinds of vegetation, (especially rhizomes, shoots, seeds and leaves), grubs, worms and small fish.
Pukeko are deep blue and black with red legs and bills.
They flick their tail with its white underneath as an alert of danger.
Theur calls include a raucous "screech". Breeding is a communal affair, where females may lay in the same nest and incubation, feeding and caring for the chicks is shared by all in the group.
Come in store to Adore Collection and listen to the real sound of a Pukeko preserved within this soft toy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review